Board Members

Living Well United Board Members

Rosemary Parker-president

Bill Frautschi-vice-president

Carol Pfoff-secretary

MaryLou Munster-treasurer

Diana Jones

Joyce Niklaus

Jeanne Beal

Evelyn Johnson

Bev Beecher

Mike Beal

Linda Frautschi

Grace Bean

Loren Bean

Barb Whiteman, Director

I’m Barb, director of Living Well United. I am happily married with 2 kids and 2 grandkids. Originally from Michigan  I have called Illinois home for 27 years. I  have been a school secretary for 23 years, founder of a nonprofit, certified personal trainer, senior fitness specialist and massage therapist who has run 6 marathons, bakes cupcakes and decorates cookies. My passion for keeping God’s older children active comes from seeing how mental, physical, and spiritual activity need never stop but can change, grow, and bloom to become a way to give back throughout life! Everyone has something to give!  My desire is for seniors to gather and expand their social connections, engage their minds in learning, stay active physically, join in activities to share their wisdom, talents, and time with the community and just get a darn good cup of coffee!