Hi! I’m Marissa! I was raised on a farm just outside of Saybrook, IL and currently reside in Saybrook.  I am happily married to my husband, Trevor, and together we have our sweet dog, Leia and 13 nieces and nephews who we adore.  I went to Ridgeview High School and later completed my Bachelor’s Degree at Illinois Wesleyan University.  Go Titans!  I have a love of all things music, DIY projects, reading, and Disney!  My love for seniors started at a very young age, as I visited my great-grandmothers with my grandma daily. The time spent with them greatly impacted me and is something I will forever cherish. I previously worked as the Activity Director at an Assisted Living Community, where I really saw the power of what the word “community” means to seniors and how it can truly enrich their life.  From a simple conversation to educational events, my goal is always to encourage and empower seniors to live their life to the fullest.



My passion is to keep God’s older children active! I believe mental, physical, and spiritual activity and growth should never stop. We change, grow, and bloom and have much to  give throughout life! My desire is for seniors to gather and expand their social connections, engage their minds in learning, stay active physically, and join in activities to share their wisdom, talents, and time with their communities.


LWU Board Members

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Bill Frautschi, Vice-President
MaryLou Munster, Treasurer
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